Share your findings online!

The Internet allows to be informed, share thoughts, interact with peers, create, have fun and learn. You can create your OWN webpages and publish them online.


Coding HTML, using a CMS or a tool

Basically there are 3 options: using a free tool to create a webpage, coding it yourself in HTML or other languages, or downloading a Content Management System like Wix or WordPress.

The best way to create your own webpage is by making it yourself. In case you want to share information, a static page can be coded in HTML. In case you want any interactivity you'll need to work in PHP or alternatives. For this project we'll focus on HTML.

Bit lazy and want to have fast results? Why not trying to download a website which is already ready to go? It can be either a free HTML template or a dynamic CMS like WordPress or Wix. You'll only need to add your own content and work on the right settings. Important: CMS's are not that easy to install.

Your last option is using a tool which will generate the HTML-codes for you. It will be a lot faster and your still start from a blank page.

  • All options are free

  • You'll need a laptop or desktop

  • We suggest +10 years old.

  • 5-20h


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is an easy coding language which everybody basically should be able to learn. You need an editor which you can download and install (Sublime) or which allows to work in the browser (HTML-online). Professional websites also use CSS (for layout) and PHP (for interactivity, connection with database, etc).

Be inspired: what you could do

You could create a webpage sharing your findings about the loss of biodiversity and what people need to do.
This is just ONE option. We prefer you come with your own ideas.