Minecraft is a game where players place blocks and go on adventures. This includes anything from crafting simple items to building structures like houses, castles, and cities, or even making complex mechanical devices, all within the game's world.


Build your own world

No coding required to build your own world in Minecraft. There are different versions: Minecraft Education, Minecraft Bedrock edition & Java edition.. It depends on school's licence whether they have access to a (free) Minecraft Education version.

An example

Minecraft Education provides Climate and Sustainability resources.

Our Lesson Plan

We provided a lesson plan which you can download (PDF)

Here's a personal message from our expert Felisa:

  • Depending on your school's licence, Minecraft Education can be free

  • You'll need a laptop or desktop

  • We suggest +8 years old.

  • 1-10h

Be inspired: what you could do

You can create your own ecofriendly virtual world with wind mills, solar panels etc.
This is just ONE option. We prefer you come with your own ideas.