The micro:bit can be programmed to do a number of different things, it can be a digital watch, fitness tracker or a games console. The device features 25 LED lights and two programmable buttons, which can be used in game-play or to skip through tracks in a playlist.


Your own little device

Although the micro:bit is just a tiny device, it is equiped with some amazing features: led display, Temperature sensor, an accelerometer (a motion sensor that measures movement), compass, sound output, microphone, sunlight sensor, etc.
Find the list of sensors here.
It can be connected with extensions like the weather station, the greenhouse kit, a ringbit car

The micro:bit was introduced by BBC and given to all 12 year old students in the UK. It is a wonderful device to start coding. Through websites you can code. You can connect your micro:bit with your computer through USB. A micro:bit device typically costs $20-30 USD.

  • You need to purchase micro:bit devices

  • You'll need a laptop or desktop

  • We suggest +10 years old.

  • 2-6h

Be inspired: what you could do

Put an important message at the micro:bit's display, or run this Climate Change activity
This is just ONE option. We prefer you come with your own ideas.