Turn your prompt into success

AI has been exploding in 2023. It allows you to find information but also generate text: stories, articles, CVs etc. AI is able to generate images and even videos. To translate your voice and use your voice for avatars. And this is just the beginning


AI to generate images

Generate images which relate to the global issue you are trying to solve. It can be paintings, drawings, real images, it can be famous people or famous toys in a scenery. The sky is the limit!

AI to generate text

Create a poem, the lyrics for a new song, an exciting story, etc. Or how about creating both of them... Images and text: a comic, etc.

  • All options are free

  • You'll need a smartphone, laptop or desktop

  • We suggest +8 years old.

  • 1-3h

Your options.

In case you want to generate text, we can suggest using chatGPT or Google Bard

To generate images you can use Dall-E (free) or Midjourney (only a few credits). Midjourney often offers the best results.

Be inspired: what you could do

You could create a cartoon or article about the loss of biodiversity with text generated by ChatGPT and images generated by Dall-E.
This is just ONE option. We prefer you come with your own ideas.